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Strategic goals and initiatives

The focus of the Jumeira university strategic direction is to create a solid approach for planning, quality and continuous improvement to achieve the University’s vision, direction and goals. This facilitates decision-making to enable best allocation of resources to achieve University’s Vision and comply with the statutory requirement of the Ministry of Education.

To realize its vision, mission, and values, Jumeira University has developed the following long-term strategic goals:

  • To be a trusted University in the community.
  • Among the top 10 Universities in the UAE in the next 5 year’s.
  • To be a proactive University in community engagement.

In order to achieve these strategic goals, Jumeira University has developed strategic priorities as outlined below:

  • Enable Access to Jumeira University Experience.
  • Drive Academic Excellence, Learning and Research Achievements.
  • Valuing people and creating high performance organization.
  • Developing and managing resources.
  • Developing Stakeholders University Engagement.
  • Sustain Efficient Resources and Attractive Physical Environment.