Student Development

Student Development

Jumeira University promotes the spirit of learningamong students, encouraging them to believe in their potential, emulate authentic leadership, and remain active learners and knowledge seekers in their personal and professional lives. We designed our teaching environment to address the distinct needs, interests, and career aspirations of students. All our efforts are geared towards maximizing student abilities, skills, and learning potential. 

Our professors, program directors, and student affairs team established an academic advisingsystem to help our students positively address their challenges and resolve them. It is also set up to identify exceptional students and provide them with the right means and tools to further develop their talent. 

All of this is carried out through JumeiraUniversity’s Learning and Development Academy (LDA); a department dedicated to providingshort- and long-term programs tailored to student development, including skills development and career advising. 

Students can find out more about these programs from their career advisor or simply by applying through Student Affairs Office. 

Academic Advising

Program Directors provide academic advising and guidance services to all students throughout their studies in JU. Together they set up a support system that aims to assist students in navigating the difficult academic decisions they face as they set out on their learning journey. New students are assigned advisors, who help the students in the decision-making process, assessing the consequences of decisions, identifying alternatives, and making the best decisions. This support mechanism is intended to lift the student’s self-esteem through showing them how they can make informed decisions that bring them closer to fulfilling their learning aspirations.

On the way, they progress through rewards systems that reinforce these positive experiences. The primary purpose of academic advising is to assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans. Advising takes place at least once a semester to complete registration forms, to review academic achievements and obstacles, but also is available for devising Academic Road Maps, helping students on Probation, assisting students facing challenges in a course, and counselling students thinking of changing majors.

Career Advising & Internship

The Learning and Development Academy (LDA) with the support of the Student Affairs Office provides students with career advising services directed to help them in defining their professional goals and working towards achieving them.

For this reason, JU developed the Degree Completion Plan (DCP) as a detailed method of mapping out a plan of study for each student, based on their abilities and aspirations. This method allows students to accurately track their progress, adjusting their plans as they learn more about themselves. Students choose between the General pathway (G-DCP), where all students start as freshmen, and the Advanced pathway (A-DCP), available for eligible students. The A-DCP aims to seamlessly incorporate academic development within a broader career outlook, constructing a plan that takes into consideration the student’s range of abilities and interests.

The LDA also support students as they develop key technical skills, enhance their problem solving and decision making skills, expand their interpersonal competencies and emotional intelligence, and maximize their ability for continued growth beyond their educational experience. Students are informed about potential career options as they pursue their degree, and offered resources to access information for internships and job placements.

Development Resources:

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For more information please contact the LDA or the Student Affairs Office. Contact details are in the Faculty and Essential Contacts page.