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Our Founder

Khalifa Bin Dhaen Al Mheiri

Our forward-thinking founder, Major General Khalifa Bin Dhaen Al Mheiri, hails from the vibrant roots of Jumeira, Dubai. A close-knit community thrived in an era when Jumeira was a modest settlement, woven with makeshift homes of tents and palm trees. This community, bound by simplicity and honesty, laid the foundation for our Founder's unwavering commitment to community, nation, and enduring values.

At the age of 14, Major General Khalifa embarked on a journey into the military, honing his skills to emerge as a resilient and effective leader. A pioneer in joining the Dubai Police, he dedicated over five decades to the force, earning the esteemed title of "The Father" from officers and dignitaries of all ranks. Widely regarded as the Dean of Police across the United Arab Emirates, his legacy embodies dedication and leadership.

Throughout his illustrious career, Major General Khalifa stood as a beacon for the community, facing challenges with courage and setting an exemplary standard for those devoted to community values. A key contributor to shaping modern Dubai, he founded various organisations and initiatives, serving as a generous and compassionate role model for all.

In his pursuit to preserve and share the cultural essence of his community, Major General Khalifa envisioned and founded our university. Today, we embrace a modern institution built on the rich legacy of its visionary founder, empowering the next generation with knowledge, skills, and a profound sense of community.