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Vision and mission

Vision statement

We believe in the education that empowers students to find their own paths to fulfill their dreams and create lifelong learners who are prepared for the modern world as well as the future and make a positive impact in their communities.

Mission statement

JU strives to be a student-centered learning institution dedicated to:

  • Knowledge advancement in Business Administration and Islamic and Arabic Studies.
  • Recognizing talents and nurturing aspirations.
  • Embracing and celebrating the individuality and identity of our local culture and values.
  • Contributing to the human development of the community in Dubai, UAE, and the world.
  • Fostering culture of proactive citizenship.

Education philosophy

At JU, we believe in the Education that creates lifelong learners and promotes authentic learning experiences for our community members. We strive to facilitate collaborative effort through ethical leadership, dedication to knowledge empowerment and devotion to Education.