Zakat Fund Donation

The Zakat of our money is the future of our youth

Bank transfer

Transfer the amount to the Zakat Fund
Account in Emirates Islamic Bank

Account Number


SMS Via Etisalat

Click on one of the below code or Send ” Jumeira” to the
following donation code as shown below

8010 – 10 AED
8050 – 50 AED
8100 – 100 AED
8200 – 200 AED

e.g. send “Jumeira” to 8010 that means you donated 10 AED

Bank Cheque

Write a cheque to “Zakat Fund and Jumeira University Campaign ”
and you can drop it at Zakat Fund
Jumeira University Campus
Contact Campaign team to arrange for collection

Donation Inquiry

You can contact the donation campaign team

Mona Al-Neyadi

050 112 3065

Mohammad Helmi

052 806 3270