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Student Commitment



The Pledge Statement: As a Student of Jumeira University, I pledge to cherish and value:

Exploration: I will challenge myself to learn, examine facts, question my opinions, evaluate my goals and interests, and dedicate myself to an ongoing pursuit of professional growth.

Respect: I vow to respect and honor the culture and heritage of our local community, respect the views and life experiences of others, and will treat each individual with respect and dignity.

Participation: I will participate in campus community activities and enhance my individual campus experiences by actively engaging in campus and community life.

Integrity: I will uphold the highest levels of personal and academic honesty, responsibility, and integrity.

Community Service: I will seek opportunities to service our community beginning with the university community and extending it outward.

By endorsing these common principles, I aspire to become a proud ambassador of goodwill and professionalism within Jumeira University’s community. I will also encourage others at the university to honor this pledge. This commitment is my promise to Jumeira University and its community members.