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Student Engagement



Fostering a strong sense of community in the student body ranks high in Jumeira University's priorities. Whether at the university or off campus, students are encouraged to create and participate in various learning communities, integrating their interests into their education. The emphasis on community engagement guarantees adding useful practical and social elements to form a full-fledged education that equally values knowledge and its social applicability. The Student Engagement Office is responsible for setting up student societies and associations, recreation services, publications, and the newsletter center. The office organizes, implements, and supervises all student social, cultural and entertainment programs. Its main objective is to help students develop their interests and abilities, and to practice their hobbies through a variety of programs and activities. Activities & Jumeira Action Drivers (JAD) All the activities taking place on campus or through Jumeira University's participation off campus are focused on enriching student lives. The main purpose is to embed campus diversity within every student's experience, creating global citizens well adapted to local contexts, a reflection of the social reality of the United Arab Emirates. These activities celebrate and encourage the exchange of ideas and embracing cultural differences inside and outside the classroom. In that vein, Jumeira University has established Jumeira Action Drivers (JAD) to facilitate these activities. This is a platform that allows students to engage their extracurricular interests, passions, and inner strengths to form groups involved in activities that develop their academic and social skills. This platform aims to re-orient students into a productive mindset, making them the drivers for action and change.




Jumeira University was founded on an unwavering commitment to the UAE’s culture of community and solidarity. We strive to teach our students the true meaning of these principles though making community engagement an integral part of their educational experience. Students and employees alike are involved in collaborative activities with many communities in Dubai and across the UAE. These partnerships aim to be mutually beneficial to the university and the communities; sharing resources, knowledge, and experiences to strengthen social ties and cultivate cultural tolerance.