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Student Services


At Jumeira University we dedicate our resources and facilities in the service of our students, supporting them with an exciting environment where they can learn, develop, and become the best learners they can be. Our faculty and staff work tirelessly through across various departments, providing the students with any assistance they need. Being a freshman at the novel environment of a university can often be a stressful experience for young students, often posing as a hurdle that would take away from what essentially is a life-changing experience. We at Jumeira University are aware of such challenges, and our exhaustively trained staff and faculty members provide uninterrupted support to our students as they familiarize themselves with their surroundings and navigate their way toward comfort and confidence.
The Student Offices provide a wide range of services ranging from admission, registration, and orientation, to counseling, financial aid, support services, extra-curricular activities, and community service opportunities. Student Offices and units also promote responsible behavior among students and seek to ensure that the Student Code of Conduct is well understood by students, whereby creating a safe atmosphere for all University community members, and making sure students’ learning experiences are maximized.


The Registrar’s Office is responsible for directing and administrating the student academic services from initial registration to graduation. The office key responsibility areas are: Academic Courses Registration, Academic Data and Student Policies, Class Scheduling, Exam Administration, Degree Auditing, Student Awards, and Graduation. Also, the Registrar’s Office serves as the principle office to provide the necessary report and analysis relating to students’ academic progression. The office enforces the rules and regulations governing student academic progress, maintains, interprets, and monitors academic policy, while communicating procedures to students. The office also provide advising to students on academic policies and procedures.

Course Registration /Handling Academic Request

Exam and Academic Appeal/Graduation

Departure and Withdrawal /Advise on Academic Policies




The Enrollment Office administers the enrollment services of prospective students. The office handles prospective student inquiries, admissions advice, and scholarships awards. The office is also responsible for providing various administrative and supportive services. The Students’ participation in campus-wide events is important for building an active and healthy campus life. The office organizes, implements, and supervises all student social, cultural, and entertainment programs. Its main objective is to help students develop their interests and abilities, and to practice their hobbies through a variety of programs and activities. Students are highly encouraged to participate in social activities to enrich their University experience. A student’s engagement in the University’s activity programs will have a great impact on their educational experience.



Receive all student inquiries and process all student requests relating to letters, student ID card as noted below:

  • Student Email Accounts
  • Non-Academic Appeal


Enrollment and Engagement

The Enrollment and Engagement Office provides the following services:

  • Student Service Desk
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid
  • Student Guidance and Counselling
  • Daycare Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Student Activities and Recreation
  • Engagement Partnership


The LDA promotes continuous education and life-long learning within the University and community. This will include planning and delivering long and short-term programs tailored to students and community needs. The unit’s primary focus is to establish the student advancement platform to maximize the education experience for every student and ensure students’ success. The courses offered at the Academy are:

  • Development and Career Support Services
  • Language Development Courses: English Language Program/Arabic Language Program for non-native speakers
  • General Education Program
  • Foundation and College Preparation Courses


JU Information Technology team (JUIT) is a dedicated technical support team that maintains a reliable information technology infrastructure, ensures seamless connectivity and mobile access, provides advanced equipment and the latest software tools, and ensures a state-of-the-art learning environment. JU computing services to students include:

  • Computing Orientation and Training
  • Student E-Portal
  • Connectivity
  • Equipment
  • Technical Support

Note: The Student Finance Office is responsible for collecting student tuition and fees and dealing with deferred payments and payment plans.