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The general education program objective is to develop a strong learning foundation for first-year students. The program aims to develop first level skills in communication, information literacy, engaging, and life skills. The skills will broaden students’ perspectives and support them to achieve their career goals.

The learning outcome of the General Education Program is listed below:

Program Goals
Program Learning Outcomes
Goal 1:
Students will develop skills in information literacy
  1. Locate and collect and understand information and determine patterns, trends, and relationships from a variety of sources.
  2. Analyze and evaluate accurately information using a variety of techniques
  3. Effectively use relevant technology to access and manage information
  4. Access and use of digital information ethically
Goal 2:
Student will widen their perspective and diversify their knowledge, experiences and interest across various domains and disciplines
  1. Describe the terminology, facts, concepts, principles, analytic techniques and theories used in various studies
  2. Formulate and develop relevant responses to problems based on logic and rational
  3. Interpret analyze and evaluate information and data and consider different options
  4. Construct well supported, clearly articulated arguments
Goal 3:
Student will be confident and effective communicators
  1. Produce structured, logical and convincing writing work
  2. Demonstrate clear verbal language within relevant context and contribute positively to group discussions
  3. Use appropriate communication style for different people and situations
  4. Apply ethical standards in the use of language and have strong understanding of plagiarism
Goal 4:
Student will Engage Responsibly and have Emotional respect to others
  1. Appreciating the concept of authentic Leadership
  2. Contribute effectively to collaborative and team learning activities to achieve objectives
  3. Expresses opinions in respectful and convincing manner and respect diversity
  4. Recognize individual and community obligations
Goal 5:
Student will develop appreciation for life skills
  1. Reflect critically on their learning experiences and choices
  2. Have curiosity for learning and use it to drive personal growth
  3. Recognize and apply methods for Self-Discovery and Development
  4. Ability to work autonomously and produce quality documents

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