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The following behaviours and actions constitute a violation to JU & code of conduct:

  • Engaging in criminal behaviour or using or selling illegal substances or materials.
  • Gaining access to or downloading data from inappropriate sites on the internet
  • Downloading illegal material from the internet; viewing or sharing illegal material on campus.
  • Using another person name or ID number to gain entry to campus.
  • Lying, holding back information, or otherwise deliberately deceiving a university instructor or staff.
  • Falsifying documents or using falsified documents for any purpose connected with Jumeira University.
  • Engaging in disruptive behavior in or out of class.
  • Behaving inappropriately toward university faculty, staff, fellow students, or visitors.
  • Engaging in intimidating, harassing, or threatening behaviour.
  • Engaging in inappropriate physical contact with another student or member of the JU community.
  • Smoking on campus.
  • Using a mobile phone in a prohibited area, except with the prior authorization of an instructor for use in a class project or exercise.
  • Using a camera on campus except with the prior written authorization of an instructor for use in a class project or exercise.
  • Borrowing or taking someone else property without prior and express permission.
  • Misusing University email.
  • Giving money or gifts of substantial value to JU employees or receiving substantial gifts from the same.
  • Engaging in any behaviour that damages the reputation of Jumeira University, whether on campus or at a university-sponsored event off campus.
  • Engaging in electronic and social media communication channels in a manner that is deemed to be disrespectful to any of JU members, damages the reputation of the University, or broadcasts ideas that promote hate, discrimination, violence or terrorism within JU, or the local or global community.
  • Engaging in immoral or unethical behaviour that contradicts with JU value system and UAE heritage.
  • Failure to disclose name, ID, and other relevant details to an employee of JU in circumstances where it is reasonable to require that such information to be given.
  • Failure to comply with the published safety measures and protocols of COVID-19 published regularly by the University Management or Health and Safety Steering Committee.
  • Failure to comply with a previously imposed penalty under this Code.