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English Language Program for Academic Studies



Course Name: English Language for Academic Studies

Duration: 45 Weeks

  • English for Academic Studies 1 (EAS 011) – 12 hours/week for 15 weeks
  • English for Academic Studies 2 (EAS 012) – 10 hours/week for 15 weeks
  • English for Academic Studies 3 (EAS 013) – 10 hours/week for 15 weeks

Study Mode: Full Time

Instruction Language: Arabic and English

The English Language for Academic Studies program helps students to develop their English language competency for university admissions. The program is delivered by highly skilled professionals to enable students to acquire communication skills that support both their academic and career aspirations.

Upon successful completion of the program, students are expected to communicate effectively in their academic environment. The students will be able to:

  • Use the English language confidently and competently in a variety of learning situations to explore and present their thoughts, interests, opinions and experiences in many forms (writing, speaking, listing or writing)
  • Develop the ability to assess and reflect on their language skills, engage in a variety of discussion forms as a viewer, listener, speaker, reader or presenter and establish goals for self-development
  • Students establish core competencies for academic purposes as listed below:
    • Take effective notes from lectures
    • Write and present course work in academic English
    • Deliver oral presentations in academic English
    • Discuss ideas with faculty and fellow students
    • Plan, organize and structure academic texts
    • Develop basic research terminology and concepts and write a paper in academic English



The program is designed to develop student’s language progressions levels by enrolling in the following courses:

Course 1: 

  • English for Academic Studies 1 (EAS 011), 12 hours per week for 15 weeks

Course 2:

  • English for Academic Studies 2 (EAS 012), 10 hours a week for 15 weeks

Course 3: 

  • English for Academic Studies 3 (EAS 013) , 10 hours a week for 15 weeks



Entry to the course is determined on the basis of assessing student’s English language competency. Jumeira University rigorously tests students in order to make sure they are at the level eligible for joining the course. Further assessments are carried out in the first two weeks to determine appropriate placement of students in the course.

To be accepted in the program students must sit for the Jumeira University English Language Placement Test or obtain IELTS scores not older than three months from the date of applying to join the program. Below are the required scores for program entry:

  • IELTS Band Score 3.0 or equivalent; or
  • Obtain a CEFR band B1 on JU’s placement test

The Jumeira University English Placement Test (PT) is an entry assessment tool designed to determine the student’s readiness for tertiary studies and their English language competency level. It provides reliable indicators for the student’s eligibility to enroll in the English for Academic Studies courses (EAS) or to qualify for a direct, conditional admission into the applicable academic programs offered by the University.



The range of delivery modes for the program includes reading graded texts and accompanying electronic materials available in the language lab – where a number of online services is made available to Jumeira University’s students. In addition, the course comprises small-group projects, presentations, and discussions. Assessment is continuous and monitored through instruments such as story maps, assignments, worksheets, observation, short written and oral reports, and presentation assessments.

In addition, students will be closely mentored as they develop their abilities for autonomous learning by creating individual student language e-portfolios. Students will read the three assigned graded readers autonomously. Throughout the course, teachers will monitor each student’s extensive reading progress and will advise them accordingly.



Progress in overall proficiency in English is partly judged through the individual courses as noted above, and partly through on-going use of the language portfolio in addition to mock IELTS exams to assess the student’s readiness for the standardized test.

EAS 1 and EAS 2 exit tests are organized by English language instructors as part of the course requirements and students are given either a pass or fail mark. The EAS 3 exit test is conducted at an approved IELTS test center and the University Student Affairs Office will undertake the necessary measures to ensure student registration for the test.

Results are sent directly to Jumeira University English language instructors for further assessment and student advising.

Program Exit Tests:

 EAS1 exit test is Cambridge KET

 EAS2 exit test is Cambridge PET

 EAS3 exit test is IELTS at an approved test center



AED 13,500/= English for Academic Studies (EAS011) - 12 non-credit hours
AED 13,500/= English for Academic Studies (EAS012) - 10 non-credit hours
AED 13,500/= English for Academic Studies (EAS013) - 10 non-credit hours


AED 1,500/= (a one-time fee / non-refundable) Admission Fee
AED 750/= (charged every semester/ non-refundable) Student Services Fee
AED 750/= (charged every semester/non-refundable) Learning and Development Fees
For Level 1 (EAS011) – AED 500
For Level 2 (EAS012) – AED 750
For Level 3 (EAS013) – AED 1800
Course Resources Fees


Tuition is subjected to change. Easy payment plans are available.



Discount worth 30% of the tuition value for all levels of the English Language Program for students enrolled in one of JU academic programs. For more information, please contact the Enrollment Office or visit the link here



Students can apply for the program either through the University’s Enrollment Office on campus or online using the following Click this link

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Students are, however, admitted only at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.


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