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Dubai is considered as one of the world's fastest-growing cities, which supports the availability of infrastructure facilities, as well as an advanced transportation network supported by a variety of RTA services in Dubai that serve residents and tourists efficiently. The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority oversees a variety of transportation alternatives in Dubai. One of Dubai's most popular entertainment and tourist destinations.



The first transportation option on the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority's list is public buses. In order to use the bus you will have to have a transportation card by going to the RTA. Additionally, the RTA offers student cards for the students, the tariff of these cards are less comparing to the normal ones because the student cards are supported by the government. The RTA is proud of how big and effective this method is. We propose that you check the public bus guide of the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai for all relevant information, including fees, times, a map of the roads and routes that the buses run through, as well as the laws and infractions of public buses in the Emirate of Dubai.

Dubai Bus



Dubai Taxi

Transportation by Dubai Taxi is one of the best and most common transportation methods in Dubai, with the authority makes sure to provide an efficient journey for passengers by providing meters that adopt an appropriate tariff for them, as well as being driven by polite trained drivers, as well as providing taxis for women and families in Dubai. It is very easy to find a taxi in Dubai because there are plenty of them on the streets, and also you can order your taxi by phone and it will be there within few moments.



To continue, the next option on the list of Dubai's transportation services is the Dubai Metro. It travels through some of Dubai's most important streets, landmarks, and famous locations. It includes special cabins for adults and children, and ladies as well as others for gold card holders, which provide luxurious experience to the travelers. In order for people to use the metro they will need a transportation card just like the one used for buses, with the same privileges.

Dubai Metro