Nisbah Shaheen

Personal Statement

Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator
Ph.D. in Education and Professional Development

Nisbah Shaheen is an Assistant Professor in the college of Education at Jumeira University since 2016. She also held a position of Acting Program Director for College of Education and LDA in 2018/19. She earned her PhD from the University of Huddersfield, UK. She received her M.Phil, and M.A. in Education from Pakistan. Prior to joining Jumeira University, Nisbah worked at the University of Haripur, Pakistan. She believes to foster a true passion for learning through students’ active and reflective engagement. Her research interests lie in the issues in teacher education and their possible solutions. She has published a journal article entitled with “International students’ critical thinking–related problem areas: UK university teachers’ perspectives” in the Journal of Research in International Education.