Dr. Saeed Ahmed Al-Musharrafi

Personal Statement

Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees from the Islamic University of Madinah. (Literature and Rhetoric). After joining the masters, I was appointed in 2003 as a cooperating teacher at the Center for Continuing Education for non-Arabic speakers at the university and then – later – as an administrative secretary until I graduated in 2012 until I was hired as a lecturer at Jumeira University , and I now work as an assistant professor there.

I love writing in literature, language, history and some international affairs, as it relates to human values. I also love the art of translation. In the language and literature, I benefited from pre-Islamic heritage and literature from the Islamic era, Ibn Qutaybah, Al-Mutanabi and the Ta’is in addition to the literature of Ahmed Shawky and the writings of Ahmed Al-Zayyat, Al-Manfaluti, Hafiz Ibrahim, Al-Rafei, Al-Aqad, Shawqi Dhaif and others.