Hiring process

1. Search and Apply

Have a look at our open position and apply to the role that suits you. Even if you couldn’t find an opening for a matching role, please submit your resume to join our talent pool for future opportunities at Jumeira University.

2. Application Review

Once you’ve applied for a position through our website, our HR team will review your application and will match your skills and experience with the job requirements.  We will contact you for a phone screening if your profile is selected for further consideration.

3. Interview

The interview process may vary based on the position. The HR Team will discuss the interview timeline with you in greater detail to provide you with realistic expectations for filling the open position.

Generally, following the phone screening, interviews will either be in person or through a video call (for international hires). The process is comprised of a series of interviews with different members of Jumeira University team.


During the interview we will discuss your background, skills, as well as your significant accomplishments.  This is a great chance for you to learn about our university, tour our facility, and meet other Jumeira University employees.

4. Assessment tests and assessment centres

Assessment tests and assessment centres vary based on the position you apply to. Assessments will be conducted online or on campus.

5. Employment Offer

Based on the results of your interviews, and should we find you the most suitable candidate for the role, an offer of employment will be issued.  At this point we will discuss the specific details of your offer.

6. Pre-Employment Process

Once you’ve accepted Jumeira University’s offer of employment, the pre-employment process will start. This includes:

  • A complete background check where you will be asked to submit referees to contact.
  • Presenting your official authenticated documents, such as:
    • Authenticated and attested copies of your education certificates as well as the equivalency certificate for your degree;
    • Copy of your passport and photos;
    • Submitting education and employment references;
    • Submitting the police security clearance certificate. – if applicable.
  • You must complete the Introductory Statement form for the Ministry of Education in order to obtain the necessary approval.
  • Complete the required documents to apply for your employment visa.

The employment will be contingent upon a favorable background check and obtaining the required approval from Ministry of Education, as well as the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

7. Your First Day at Jumeira University

Our HR Team will work with your line manager on your onboarding process and will communicate to you particulars of your first day.