Visit our campus

Jumeira University sits on a 40,000 m2 plot of land in the busy aQuoz 4 district in Dubai. The University’s buildings and facility currently occupy one third of the plot, with future plans to expand capacity and facilities.  

 Our campus is situated in the heart of Dubai, UAE’s most vibrant city, less than 20 minutes away from the major business districts of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Business Bay, Media City, Internet City, and Knowledge Village. 

 The University’s location and surroundings is flawlessly accommodating, with multiple commercial, entertainment and service establishments in the immediate vicinity, including shops, restaurants, metro and public transportation, and bank cash points. 

 Jumeira University operates on a gender-separate basis as it embraces and values Islamic traditions of the United Arab Emirates and the GCC. The entire campus is mirrored for both male and female students, offering a variety of teaching and learning facilities, cafeterias, recreational and performance facilities, as well as prayer rooms and a mosque. 

At Jumeira University, we welcome our visitors with open arms. Although there are scheduled campus visits throughout the year, we encourage our visitors to pay us a visit at the time of their convenience. 

Our signature tour consists of a 30-minute information session with the Admissions and Academics teams, followed by a 90-minute campus walkthrough tour. 

Jumeira University respects the United Arab Emirates’ traditions and Islamic culture and expects all students and visitors to do so too. Female visitors must wear loose, courteous clothes that are respectful and compliant with “Hishma” dress code, while male visitors should either wear traditional Kandura or non-revealing smart casual clothing. 

Harnessing resources and technology in the service of education

Students at Jumeira University will be able to utilize many on-campus facilities that support the learning experience and campus life.

This includes:

  • Library & Resource Center (offering over 80,000 resources)
  • Language & Audio Learning centers
  • Smart-board enabled classrooms adjusted for group and individual work
  • Mobile access adapted facilities and labs
  • 300 seats auditorium
  • Modern multi-sport hall
  • Cafeterias

Students at Jumeira University will have access to a wide range of modern learning resources covering various learning experiences and instruction methods. 

We pride ourselves on the expertise of our qualified faculty members, as well as the advanced equipment and multimedia at our command. 

Together, the creative and innovative use of these resources is the key to passing on the benefits to students, the academic community and external stakeholders. 

Students will enjoy a modern, comfortable and efficient environment in which to learn, following our recent inauguration of state-of-the-art on-campus facilities.