Information for the media

The University Relations and Marketing office works closely with the media to highlight the work of the University and respond to questions about any aspect of university life. Our work includes proactively contacting journalists about news and events at the University, preparing press releases and dealing with media enquiries.

How we can help you

Working with the media

We actively promote the University through liaison with journalists, issuing press releases and identifying experts/spokespeople for newspaper, television and radio opportunities. We also handle all media inquiries. Request press releases or view our latest news.

What’s New?

We produce and update the Newsletter of University events and issue the monthly e-mail bulletin for our community.

Event management

We co-ordinate and manage all University events. If you have any questions about an event at the University please contact us.

Monitoring media coverage

Media coverage of the University is collated daily in electronic format and in our monthly cuttings service. You can view the latest coverage online. If you have any questions about a story about the University – let us know.

Contact us

You can e-mail the University Relations and Marketing office or call us on +971 (0)4 5154555 .