Academic Program

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree is a four-year offering designed as a rigorous business program in four key business areas that are growing in the UAE: Event Management, Retail Management, E-Management and Islamic Banking and Finance.

The program leads to Bachelor of Business administration. The program consists of 120 credit hours studied over a four-year period for a full time study mode.
The program encompasses three phases:

Phase I – Freshman Student:

University Requirements courses (30 credit hours)

In this phase students complete their general education requirements, explore various concepts in business, and acquire the knowledge and skills to prepare them to focus on business specialty in Phase II.

The core learning is aimed to develop student’s attributes in: communication, IT and numeracy, team working, personal effectiveness, critical thinking, problem solving and information literacy.

Phase II – Sophomore Student:

College Requirements courses (45 credit hours)

In this phase, students will focus on establishing competence in five basic areas of business: marketing, finance, economics, human resource management, organizational behavior and operations to establish a strong learning platform before they choose their area of their chosen concentration.

Phase III – Senior Student:

Program/Concentration Requirements courses (45 credit hours)

In this phase, students are provided with the knowledge, skills and practical scope to deepen their expertise in one the concentration areas they have chosen. Students learning and development is supported though intensive practical workshops, internships and guided self-assessment and feedback sessions to maximize students learning experience.  Also students are assigned with a dedicated internship study semester personalized and customized to secure maximize professional exposure to students and give them opportunity to secure job openings. The university will partner with leading industry employers to support the university BBA program and ensure JU graduates are ready to transfer from the academic to the professional world.