Sports Tournaments

The Office of Student Engagement and Development at Jumeira University announced for three sports tournaments to be held during the period starting 16/02/2014 and ending 17/04/2014. The purpose of the first University-wide series of sports events is to encourage friendly competition among students and staff members in the sports of table tennis, billiards, and indoor football. As of today, over 20 participants have already signed up for the table tennis tournament. The numbers in the other two sports have been reported to be equally satisfactory.


JAD Sports, a University action group that provides assistance in organizing sports events on-campus and off-campus, met a number of times to draft the rules and regulations for each sport and to contribute to and oversee the preparation efforts made to ensure the readiness of university facilities and relevant equipment.


Mr. Abdulla AI Muhairi, the University’s President, pointed out that the event it is intended for these events to promote health, community spirit, and personal development through leadership and teamwork opportunities.


Trophies and medals will be awarded to the winners of the first three places in each sport.