Mecca at Jumeira University


March 20, 2013.

Dr. Saleh AbdulKarim, Islamic and Arabic Studies Program Director, welcomed Dr. Mohammad Bin Omar Bazamoul, lecturer on the Holy Book of Quran and Sunna in Al da’awa wa osoul al Din in Um al Kura University in Mecca (KSA) to Jumeira University.

Dr. Bazamoul has a wide experience in academic world as he held a variety of positions at the Um al Kura University. He is the President in charge of the readings section and holding the position at the University administration dealing with academic matters. Dr. Bazamoul worked in the scientific centers that consolidate, protect and revive the national heritage at the University. He has published many books, such as “The Weak Argument Amongst the Educated and Outspoken People” (الحديث الضعيف بين الفقهاء والمحدثين) and  Core Values and The Morals of a Muslim Doctor (وأخلاق الطبيب المسلم ).

Dr. Bazamoul addressed our male students at the newly opened 300-seat auditorium on Jumeira University campus and discussed the challenges of modern Islamic scholars