JU Transformed into Canvas of Creative Activity December 2, 2014

Jumeira University is celebrating the 43rd   National  Day of the UAE in its own unique way. Following the “Flag Day” initiative of HH Shiekh Mohammed Bin Rashid, a remarkable number of different sized flags has been utilized to transform the campus into a canvas of green, white, black and red (the colors of the flag). Lights have been installed to illuminate the same flags during the evening hours.

The University has provided several platforms to allow students to express their feelings and thoughts on this much celebrated occasion. Foam boards were put up to allow students to write expressions of love and loyalty to this country and its wise leadership. Made on UAE Map colored with UAE flag, the writings of the students created together a breathtaking flag and experience that all students will cherish. Students also showed their creativity in the expressions of loyalty and the ornaments they chose to decorate their vehicles.

Local delicacies such as luqaimat and rugag were served. The College of Early Childhood Education ran a number of interactive, celebratory activities that children enjoyed immensely. Also other sports, competition activities.