Emirati Youth Empowerment

Dubai, UAE – 4 November 2015 – Jumeira University, in coordination with the Student Affairs Office, hosted a delegation from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development, who visited to inform and spread awareness among Emirati students of the national strategy for youth empowerment.

Mr. Hashim Al Wali, Director of External Coordination and Liaison, gave a presentation on the strategy and its concept and objectives, clarifying its elements and focusing on its importance.

He also explained by the end of the demonstration some of the main achievements accomplished by the Ministry in 2015, which include the publication of the first survey of youth views and opinions, and the selection of nine youth-related projects.

Finally, Jumeira University thanked Mr. Hashim Al Wali for his valuable efforts in developing youth perspective and expanding their knowledge which leads to adding benefit to their community.