Breast Cancer Awareness Day at JU

Coinciding with the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Jumeira University dedicated the 20th of October to its Breast Cancer Awareness Day. The Female Students Affairs Office, in collaboration with the female student body organized a wide array of activities to raise awareness about the disease and the importance of early detection.

The Female lobby was overshadowed with pink decorations and balloons. Interactive stands attracted crowds of students where pink ribbons were distributed as well as brochures and booklets with information breast cancer types, symptoms, causes and treatment.

Faith, strength, hope and courage were the words that resonated the most  in the encouraging messages that the students wrote to Breast Cancer patients on pink note-papers pinned on to a white board forming an inspirational pink ribbon.

A session on raising awareness about the disease was held in JU Auditorium aimed to empower women to take responsibility of their own health by teaching them tips as to how to self-examine breast cancer. The session also included some speeches by students sharing triumphant survivors’ stories and personal experiences about women who conquered the disease.

Based on JU values, creativity is never to be missed out in every occasion. A female student shared some poetic and inspirational verses of her thoughts about the breast cancer, fueling an ember of hope to remain glowing within the worries that has permeated our society about the disease.

The eventful day concluded with a formation of a human ribbon, sending out a message of support to the great cause.

Jumeira University would like to thank its students, staff and faculty who worked in tandem to deliver such a successful event, wishing everyone lifelong healthy lives.