Al Mazameer

In cooperation with the College of Islamic and Arabic Studies, Jumeira University is holding Al Mazameer Competition, a Quran recital competition, during the period starting March 9th and ending March 16th. The Office of Student Engagement & Development at Jumeira University announced that registration for the first University-wide Quran recital event will start February 27th and end March 9th. The purpose of this event is reported to encourage friendly competition among students and staff members in the application of rules the pronunciation, intonation and caesuras of the Quran.

To this end, faculty members of the college of Islamic and Arabic Studies held a number of meetings chaired by Dr. Saleh Abdualaziz in order to draft the rules and regulations governing this competition and oversee the preparation efforts made to ensure the readiness of university to hold this event.

Mr. Abdulla AI Muhairi, the University’s President, pointed out that such events are intended to encourage student engagement and foster friendly competitive atmosphere of on campus.

Prizes, certificates of excellence and participation will be awarded to the winning participants.