A Guiding Speech to University Students

In coordination with the Office of Student Affairs, The College of Islamic Studies organized a lecture titled “A Guiding Speech to University Students” which was held on Monday, January 11, 2016 at the University Auditorium after Maghreb prayer for male students only.

The University hosted Dr. Mohammed Ben Umar Bazmool who delivered an awareness-raising and guiding lecture to students, focusing mainly on nine elements: “Congratulations; Your way according to your choice; Your responsibility; Taking advantage of your chance; Trusting Allah and never giving up; The most effective way to study; Who are your friends?; Your role in the community; and Observing Allah”.

At the end of the speech, the Director of the Islamic Studies program expressed his thanks and gratitude to Dr. Mohammed Ben Umar Bazmool for his valuable efforts in spreading awareness among Jumeira University students and for his presence.