Dr. Ghassan Al Qaimari:
The Discovery


It is an exciting time to become part of Jumeira University family. We are challenged and motivated to deliver high quality educational services and make Jumeira University one of the leading universities in the region. We are ambitious, and we expect our efforts to impact the expansion of our degree programs in the years to come. With our aim to establish the niche of higher educational standards and to create a healthy collegial atmosphere for our staff and students, we are ready to welcome our prospective students. At this juncture, we can ensure that you will make the right decision in enrolling at Jumeira University.

We believe in the education that empowers students to find their own paths, to fulfill their dreams and to create life-long learners who are prepared to make a positive impact on the world. At Jumeira University, you will learn the skills needed to become one of the finest professionals working in your field, and you will be ready to face the challenges of global competition with its interlinked markets and intercultural challenges. You will graduate ready to contribute to building a knowledge-based economy and society in a progressive country known for its high standard of living and its safe, family-friendly, multi-national environment.

We, at Jumeira University, aim to be vigilant about recruiting and retaining the best students, staff and the finest faculty—individuals of all backgrounds and experiences—so that they may further enrich the fabric of this university. Please visit our website to learn more about what Jumeira University has to offer — better yet, visit us on campus and learn what makes Jumeira University an exceptional educational value.

Prof. Ghassan Al-Qaimari
Dean of Academic Studies