Inspired by Study

Female Students Making a Difference at JU.

Jumeira University helps its students build knowledge and acquire skills; it motivates them to be proactive members of society positively deal with life. The university also guides the students to identify their duties and commitments towards positive contributions for public good. Furthermore, students learn how to be part of a group by exchanging experiences and acquiring new skills in a teamwork environment.

All in the aim of developing the university spirit, the female Islamic Studies students have put together a booklet on the basic rules of social interactions and dealing with other members of society, summarizing what they have learned in their “Art of Dealing with Others” course. The booklet was passed out to the university’s faculty and staff in the goal of spreading knowledge and public use. For so, the university would like to thank the female students of the “Art of Dealing with Others” class of Spring 2013, hoping to always see their successful contribution.