Inspired by nature

A Conversation with Asmaa Alrais.

It was a modest start for the UAE national, Asmaa Alrais, who currently studies our business administration program at Jumeira University. It all started by taking photographs on her tourist trips with family and visits abroad. She says: “When I was in Europe, I shot photos of many sceneries, which I printed out and enjoyed looking at; Ever since, the camera rarely left my side, so I started taking photographs and printing them out on canvas. The secret is that I have always kept these printed memories in my room.“

One day Asmaa decided to show her photographs to our Student Development Office and we were really amazed. We suggested Asmaa displays her work and she agreed to do so for the celebration of 41st National Day of United Arab Emirates. Her photos are a combination of culture, heritage and nature sceneries. We at Jumeira University Ibda’a Zone are happy to have a creative, motivated, inspired photographer and future business professional.

We proudly present some of her work below.