Board of Trustees

Jumeira University is governed by the Board of Trustees, which is the highest authority in the Institution’s organization structure. The board consists of the President (Chairman), Chief Executive Officer and the following distinguished Emirati nationals:


  1. Mr. Mohammed  Khalifa Almuhairi, Vice Chairman of Bin Dhaen Group and Retried Brigadier .
  2. Dr.  Saeed Mohammed Ghanim, Director at Al Menthar Training and Strategic Studies Centre, Dubai.
  3. Dr.  Mansoor Obaid Almansoori, Director – Administrative Research and Studies in Dubai Police.
  4. Dr. Badr Sultan, Major – Doctor, Family Physician  in Dubai Police Hospital


The Board operates and functions under a set of By-Laws. The board endorses the University’s strategic directions and the financial obligations. The entire authority of the Board is delegated to the President, to endorse, approve and monitor Board directives and strategic directions. The day-to-day managerial and administrative responsibility of the University is delegated by the President to the CEO who is accountable to the President and the Board to ensure the implementation of sound governance model..