Bachelor of Business Administration in E-Management

1. Program Description

Jumeira University offers an accredited bachelor degree in E-Management designed to reflect the latest developments and professional trends. The curriculum combines the fast-paced world of technology with the organization and structure of business management. In addition, students will be given the chance to explore theories in accounting, business law, finance, economics, marketing, and operations.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will have developed a strong understanding of the efficient management practices/skills and an ability to integrate technology into their business and marketing practices. Students will specifically build skills in e-business marketing/sales plans, project management, financial analysis,  supply chain management operations, business processes, and information and communication technology.

2. Career Prospects

The degree can open the door to wide careers in the rapidly expanding field of e-business. The demand for e-business professional with the right qualification is in high demand and evolving faster than ever.

The program offers valuable on-the-job experience through internships, where students can work with industry professionals. They also have the opportunity to complete a capstone project in which they work with a faculty advisor to complete an e-management project.

Graduates will have the opportunity to pursue career in diverse industry sectors including services, financial, education, health and many more.

3. Study Mode, Duration & Study Plan

The program is offered on a full time basis. The total number of required credits for this program is 120 credit hours. Students are expected to complete their degree in 4 years.

The BBA in Event Management study plan is presented below:


4. Tuition, Fees, Scholarship and Financial Support



First Year Tuition

AED 45,000

Second, Third and Fourth Year Tuition

AED 54,000 per year



Admission Fee

AED 1,500 (a one-time fee / non-refundable)

Student Services Fee

AED 750 (charged every semester/ non-refundable)

Learning and Development Fees

AED 750 (charged every semester/ non-refundable)

Textbooks Fees

AED 1,200 – 1,800 (per semester)

Tuition is based on 15 credits per semester. Tuition is subject to change.

Tuition is paid for on a semester-by-semester basis. Easy payment plans are available.

Scholarship and Financial Support

At Jumeira University we offer a range of scholarships and financial support opportunities to prospective students. For more information, please contact the Enrollment Office or visit below :

5. Entry and Language Requirements

70% on the 12th Grade (UAE secondary school certificate) or equivalent. For other equivalent qualifications, please visit below :


Language Requirements

Instructional Language is English and students must obtain the following scores (or their equivalent) at the time of admission:

University Admission: TOEFL 500 or IELTS 5 or EmSAT between 1100 and 1225

Program Admission: TOEFL 527 or IELTS 5.5 or EmSAT between 1250 and 1375

6. How to Apply

Students can apply for the program either through the University’s Enrollment Office on campus or apply online using the following Link

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Students are, however, admitted only at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.