Enrollment Guide

A step-by-step guide to applications, admission and enrolment

  1. Choose your program
  2. Check the entry requirements
  3. Apply for admission via online application or by post or in person.
    • We will send you an acknowledgement instantly if you apply online or within two working days if you applied via post.
    • Admissions Office will review your application and advise you if your submission is complete or requires additional supporting documents.
    • Please be aware that application assessment can take two to three weeks to process during peak admission periods.
    • If your application is successful, we will email you an offer of place.
  4. Accept or decline your offer of place.
  5. If you accept your offer, you are required to submit documents as outlined in the acceptance letter and pay the Admission Fee.
  6. Once you pay the admission fees, you have been admitted to the University and now a student.
  7. The next step is registration: select your courses and enroll. This takes place 30 days before the semester starts.
  8. Course registration is done online or on campus. New student is strongly advised to visit the campus and select his/her courses with his/her academic advisor.
  9. Pay your fees: this includes tuition and registration fees. Students who received scholarships will have to get waiver tuition letter from students finance office to register for the course.
  10. Once you have paid your fees, you are considered a registered student in the semester you have enrolled in.

Jumeira University wishes you success in your studies.